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Making the Case for Character

A Case for CharacterIn conjunction with his book A Case for Character, Joel Biermann has received a grant from the Kern Family Foundation to lead seminars related to Christian character formation in church and home, especially as it relates to congregational ministry. The grant covers all costs for travel and lodging. The concept and details for the seminar are outlined below. Anyone interested in hosting a seminar with Dr. Biermann is encouraged to contact him directly at

The Concept

In order to encourage Christian people and congregations to more fully consider and practice deliberate and intentional efforts to shape Christian character in individuals, a live half or full day seminar will be presented in local congregations. The needs and context . . . Read All

A (Lutheran) Case for Character

A Case for CharacterEditor’s note: Concordia Seminary Professor Joel Biermann’s new book A Case for Character is just released this month. In it, Biermann makes the “case” for a genuinely Lutheran contribution to what has been called “virtue ethics.” Below are his thoughts for what inspired him to write the book.

For good reason, Lutheranism has gained a reputation for robust and faithful doctrinal reflection and application. It would surprise few to find solid doctrine and Lutheran together in a single sentence. But it would provoke not only surprise, but also outright suspicion if one were similarly to juxtapose Lutheran and solid character formation and training in virtue. Perpetuating the typical, but dangerously wrongheaded, divide between doctrine and ethics, it is common . . . Read All

The Job Description

What is a pastor?Editor’s note: Joel Biermann preached the following sermon on July 21, 2013, at the ordination of his son-in-law, Martin Dressler. The now-Reverend Dressler is pastor of Christ Lutheran Church, Milford, MI.

“The Job Description” (Colossians 1:21-29)

One year and one day ago, Martin, I stood before you wearing this same alb, preaching a sermon to you.  Of course, on that day, Justine was standing on your immediate left and I was preaching a very different sermon.  The two of you were entering into that wonderful sacred estate called marriage where as husband and wife you embrace, embody, and display the reality of the relationship between Christ and his church.  What a year it has been.  Now, today, the focus is . . . Read All

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